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Your unique software solution for the management of all moveable assets and insurance cost control

Why PowerAssets
  • PowerAssets is the unique solution to manage assets and insurance portfolio assessment.
  • Minimise escalating insurance costs.
  • PowerAssets is extremely powerful, yet affordable!
  • Take control of the management of all your moveable assets/ stock to help you to be proactively in control.
  • Good management of moveable assets is becoming increasingly important with rising costs and the short supply of money.
  • The total replacement cost of all moveable assets is very high. In many instances the consequence of neglect is ignored because it is not directly apparent.
  • Good and timeous maintenance can save enormous amounts of money.
  • Convenient tracking of barcoded assets/ stock by a physical location is possible.
Who needs PowerAssets

Organisations that:

  • have limited time available for stock/ asset management.
  • are compelled to supply monthly, biannual or annual reports.
  • experience losses due to vandalism, stealing and misplacement.
  • need to keep accurate track of insurance costs.
Do you know
  • The exact location of assets.
  • Who is responsible for specific assets?
  • Assigned maintainers and applicable service level agreements.
  • Suppliers of assets.
  • Purchase price and replacement value.
  • Current condition of assets.
  • The maintenance plan for assets.
  • Quantity and type of consumables issued to employees.
Features & Benefits
  • PowerAssets is one of the very few systems offering asset and insurance risk management. This makes it possible to hold individuals responsible for valuable assets and track how well these are cared for and determine the correct insured values of assets.
  • Assets can very quickly be moved from one room to the next or an entire room’s assets can be moved with one operation to another room by the uniquely designed drag-and-drop operation.
  • Three main types of moveable assets can be defined:
    1. Issuable assets e.g. cell phones.
    2. Issuable, non-returnable e.g. consumables like stationery.
    3. Non Issuable (i.e. tables, chairs)
  • User definable service procedures are recorded to maintain assets in mint condition.
  • Built in depreciation models.
  • Extract information for consolidation at head office.
  • Track misallocated or lost assets when stock-takes are performed.
  • Vehicle service tracking.
  • Staff members can be made responsible for the maintenance and supervision of assets.
  • Responsibilities are allocated to suppliers/ service providers by keeping record of service level agreements (SLA).
  • Maintenance lists (to-do-lists) are produced for any selected period of time such as furniture, vehicles and electronic equipment. In the case of vehicles these lists are based on kilometres travelled.
  • Fully barcode enabled.
  • Take-on’s and Stock takes are done with a portable terminal.
PowerAssets Reports
  • Asset Register
  • Inventory lists
  • Personal Asset Register
  • Movement Schedule
  • Stock Take Report
  • Stock Count Report

PowerAssets Screenshots