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Tips and Techniques

How do I delete a record?

A record/book can only be deleted if it is not out on loan. The system will give a warning message if you are not allowed to delete the record.

  1. Ensure that the document that you want to delete is displayed
  2. Highlight the Record selector bar on the left hand side of the record and press the Delete button on the keyboard.
  3. A warning message will ask “Are you sure you want to remove this document?”
  4. Click
How to load multiple books with the same title?
  1. Load the first document/ volume of, for example, a set of encyclopaedias
  2. Enter the remaining number of copies to be loaded in this yellow field No of Copies.  (Always 1 less than the total number of copies. If you have 10 copies, enter 9.
  3. Click on the button. The system will display a message: System will now create 9 copies of the document.
  4. Click on the button
  5. Refresh the form by clicking on the Reset button.
  6. Move to the last record on your database by clicking on the arrow indicating Last Record in the Record Navigation Bar
  7. With the arrow pointing to the left click until the first record of the specific title is displayed.
  8. Move to the next record which is the second book, click on Gen ACC to activate the next Accession number.
How do I find a specific book?
  1. Look for the Universal Find heading at the top of the for.
  2. Move with the cursor to the blank field on the right hand side of Universal Find.
  3. Click on the drop down arrow and select the option that is known to you.
  4. Move with the cursor to the next blank field on the right hand side and scan or type the known option.
  5. Click on Find.
  6. The required option is displayed.
  7. Click on the Reset button before moving to the next record.
Does the system restrict the number of books to be borrowed?


The Borrower Type determines how many books a borrower may borrow.

To define the number of books that each borrower may borrow:

  • Click on the Administration tab: Borrower Definition.
  • Move to the required borrower type and type the number of books that may be borrowed in the No of Documents field.


How to ignite a love of reading in children?

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How do I load textbooks and assets on the library administration system?

You cannot load textbooks and/or assets into PowerLib.  There is a specific software package for textbooks (PowerBooks) and one for assets (PowerAsserts).


Is it necessary to save new records or changes?

It is not necessary to save a record after you entered it into the system. The system saves all records automatically.


How do I navigate between fields?

Press to move to a new field and to move to the previous field.