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Why PowerBooks?
  • Effective administration
    • Effective issue and return of textbooks.
    • Saves you time
    • Saves you money
  • Excellent control of your textbooks
    • Know who has books on loan
    • Know who’s books are overdue
    • Lost and late book return letters
    • Bulk return of books
    • Learners cannot take books from one another
    • Stop the issue of textbooks in the new year if textbooks from the previous year were not returned.
  • Quick accessioning of books
    • Books and borrowers are barcoded
    • Load the first book of a title and the system will automatically generate the remaining copies
  • Easy stock take
    • Scan barcodes of books
    • Print report of number of books
    • Automatically write-off lost books
What makes PSD different?
  • User-friendly, easy-to-use software
  • Excellent support (telephone, e-mail & on-line)
  • Since 1997 in the market
  • Can address small / large bookstores with a few hundred or as many as 200 000 books/ resources 
  • Can operate on a standalone machine or reliable network
  • New versions released annually incorporating new technology and requests from clients
PowerBook Reports

Multi-functional textbook reports:

  • Textbooks available in the bookstore.
  • Textbook on loan by learner.
  • Total textbook stock.
  • Monetary value of textbooks acquired during a specific period.
  • Textbook retrieval report required by the Department of Education.
  • Textbooks by learning area per grade.
  • Automatic generated damaged and overdue letters to parents.
  • Letters to parents indicating the list of textbooks issued, lost or damaged.

PowerBooks Screenshots